We have an experienced entertainment team. These include Experienced Director with over 10 years of experience directing Short Films, TV Drama, TVC, OVC and Documentary. Keen eye for detail and willing to put in extra hours of work to ensure a movie gets the attention it deserves.

Excel at professional camera movement, frame composition, and sound design. Additional expertise in lighting, set design, and script work. Active listening skills to give everyone from the actors to the PAs the attention they deserve excellent communication skills and ability to convey complex ideas effectively.

Time management prowess to ensure shots are completed in a timely fashion. Monitoring abilities to keep an eye on everything going on during the shoot. In-depth understanding of graphics and video editing software.
Our team has been in charge of Short Films, TV Drama, TVC, OVC and Documentary work for different clients in different sectors. And through our teamwork we have been able to provide the highest customer satisfaction.